Indoor Vs. Outdoor Play

Have you ever wondered if your child is better off playing indoors or outdoors? Probably your parents were happy letting you play outdoors, but with the changing times, every parent is confused about which is a better option for their child. If you are one such parent who is not able to gauge which is better for your child, here are a few pointers to help you out:


Immunity is very important for every human being. A child is susceptible to a number of infections and diseases at a young age. Hence immunity must be built for the betterment of the child as they grow.

Playground Benefits

Everything outdoor is new and exciting for a child. This is beyond the safe zone any parent creates for a child. When the child is in this environment, they have to learn what is right and what is wrong. They should learn to take care of themselves and how to handle various situations. If you are worried about the safety of your child, when left outdoors, accompany them until they are self-sufficient. The commercial playground equipment manufacturers come up with new designs and ideas that keep the children engaged and learn in the process. This is very essential for every child.


When indoors, they are exposed to lesser germs and infections as they are in a safe environment. They need not touch infected items or surfaces. They are not exposed to pollution or even infected people. This will bring down the chances of the child contracting any infection or falling sick unnecessarily.


When they are outdoors, they are definitely exposed to a number of known and unknown germs and infections. When they are exposed to other children, they learn from them and adapt as per the requirement.

However, this makes the child resilient and improves immunity naturally. When the body is exposed to a particular virus or infection, it learns how to cope up and thus becomes immune to it in the long run.

When children come in contact with dirt and other infected children, their body develops the immunity to keep them safe. They can learn things you can't teach or are not aware of yourself.



Children need different activities to keep them busy. No matter how interesting an activity it, the attention span of a child is very little, thus they get bored of it easily.


When they are indoors, they get to play with all those toys and puzzled you bought them. They get to even read books, which is very good for them.

However, over a period of time, they get bored of all the toys and their attention is drawn towards the TV or computer screen. What starts as an innocent few minutes of screen time, will soon become the only thing the children do, when they are free.


A child learns in every phase of their life. Be it a small activity or a coloring book, they learn something out of it. Being this the case, the child must be provided enough venues to learn new things on a daily basis.

Though children cannot be taken to a different place every day, they have more than enough number of options when they are outdoors. the children they play with, the place they run around or hide at, etc, is good enough to give them the variety they seek. As there will be a new child or some child does not turn up, every day, the group changes accordingly. Hence they get to play with their friends and over a period of time, they will come up with new games and alterations of existing games to suit the current needs of all the kids in the group. This keeps them very active and satiates their need for fun.

They get to explore their books and gadgets. Today there are many videos and Apps to help a child learn easily. Many websites cater to the different age group of children and share content that is appropriate to the age group. This way, the kids are learning on their own and do not expect the parents to sit down and teach them everything. They can learn household chores that will come in handy as they grow up. They can even help you around the house. This will not only keep them occupied but will also teach them a life skill that is essential.